Roboty's BFDI Camp is a camp made by RobotysPrettyRad, and DerpyDrago is in it as his favourite BFB character, Lollipop.


He signed up 10th, as Lollipop.


He was announced in the camp.


His confessional was the last shown, and it was "Why hello, fellow objects. We are free of the barf molecules, since Barf Bag is not here. Let us celebrate." His team name response for the team captain challenge was Maniacal Magicians. It won, along with TV/Fuseon's response, Cryogenic Combators.


His confessional was "Well, the stars have aligned, and I am the team captain.(why does everybody like that team name?) Anyway, thanks, odd cap robot." Later, DerpyDrago also gets a Win Token for being a team captain. His team consists of himself, Rocky, Fanny, Bubble, Ice Cube, Pen, Pin, Taco, Tennis Ball and Woody.